Moving is a stressful situation. Should you move yourself? How much will it cost? Will my stuff get to my new home in one piece? These are just a few of the questions probably running through your head when getting ready for a big move. When looking for a moving company, there are many national van lines to choose from. How can you differentiate a good company from a bad one? Here are just a few things that will help you find the very best moving company for your next move--whether you are moving across the town or across the country.

Just like any other service, the first thing you should do is look into reviews when researching national van lines. When searching through reviews of a particular company look for a pattern. There is such a thing as too much good good publicity. If it seems made up, or too glowing of a review, companies do occasionally create fake reviews. Also, just because there is one (or a few) negative reviews, does not mean that a moving company does poor work. One situation does not make a bad company. One thing that I look for is a company that comments on negative reviews. Notice their tone, and if they are trying to remedy a problem, or are just becoming more defensive.

Another very important aspect for choosing a national van line is to make sure they carry appropriate insurance. They are carrying your personal possessions (often across state lines). If they get in an accident you want to make sure you are properly reimbursed for any damage. Often times, the seemingly best price can turn into a terrible deal, because of lack of insurance.

How They Charge
One practice that moving companies that are not very honest will be to charge by the pound. The problem with charging by the pound is that you will not know the charge before the movers leave your property. They will estimate the weight ahead of time and send you the actual weight after the fact. I have heard horror stories about this business practice. People are misled with a much lower cost and then once its weighed turns out to be a much higher price. These companies will not allow you to have your possessions back until they are paid, in essence they are holding your precious possessions ransom. Make sure you are dealing with national van lines that charges by the foot. Once your possessions are loaded onto the truck you will know the exact price of your moving costs.

While moving can be an overwhelming and stressful time, knowing what to look for in the best moving company can make the transition a pleasant one.